QVO Tactical

“When your life is threatened, you want your actions to be quick and violent so that the threat is over.”

Here at QVO Tactical we strive to create quality Kydex holsters that you can confidently depend on. We want our customers to know that when buying a holster from QVO Tactical they are getting a quality crafted holster made specifically for them.

 We strive to earn our customer’s trust and respect. If something isn’t exactly right with your purchased holster please contact us directly to rectify the issue. It is our goal to work in cooperation with every one of our customers to ensure their needs are met when choosing a QVO Tactical holster.

QVO Tactical was founded by Roger Barrera during his career in law enforcement and the public/private security sectors.  After 11 years of working in his career field Roger left to run QVO Tactical full-time with his business partner John Rodriguez.  QVO Tactical has been operating since July of 2013.  Our products come from years of experiencing in law enforcement, firearms training and both the public and private security sectors.  Roger always found himself modifying or altering the gear he was issued by departments, so he decided to start crafting his own gear to meet his specific needs.  This lead to the start of his entrepreneurial career.  QVO Tactical has allowed Roger and his close friends to create a business that provides for their livelihoods and allows for them to work together in a family environment.