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Glock 43 Holster

Here at QVO Tactical creating quality crafted products that our customers can trust is our mission. The Glock 43 is an incredibly reliable handgun, that deserves an equally reliable holster. Most of our Glock 43 holsters are customizable to your personal preference. With our Industry-leading Kydex polymer, you will be able to tackle any situation you find yourself in with confidence. We offer a selection of Kydex color options and fabric overlays for most holsters listed below for a custom-tailored experience. Not only do we offer all our holsters in your chosen hand orientation but we also allow you to specify whether or not your Glock 43 has a threaded barrel. If you are someone who likes to use a weapon light on your pistol that’s no problem for us, we can cut our holsters to mold for many different light options on the market today.

The majority of our inside the waistband holsters have the option for a sweat guard to keep your firearm safe from body sweat, a great perk if you carry it daily with prolonged use. You will also have the choice of what kind of belt attachment suits your needs.

The Wingman holster is further customizable with a color choice for the secondary Kydex piece that touches against the body. Beyond this, you can also choose to add a Veltex backing to your Wingman. Veltex is a soft material that will provide you with additional comfort and the ability to attach anything with hook velcro to your holster. Check out our videos on Instagram to see this feature in action.

With the Secondary outside the waistband holster, we give you the option to purchase spare hardware directly with your order of the holster so there is no need to go hunt around for it after your holster arrives.

When it comes to minimalist holsters there is nothing more compact than our Minimal. Shaved down to bare necessities this holster covers your trigger guard keeping your Glock 43 secure while having a sleek design.

Below you can find the perfect Glock 43 holster for your needs. You will really be able to respect the time, quality, and dedication we put into every product that goes out our door.


Popular Kydex Glock Holsters

Below are our most popular Glock 43 holsters. You’ll find many customizable kydex holster designs for your concealed carry needs.

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