Listed below are the various Kydex colors we offer as well as the different fabric overlays made from 500D Cordura Fabric and Cotton Poplin.
* PLEASE NOTE: Cotton Popllin is a softer fabric where the edges cannot be burned into the Kydex. The material is cut to the edge with tailor scissors and then singed to prevent fraying.
* Cordura fabric is finished and burned into the edge as it is a thicker fabric which blends easier.



Carbon Fiber Black

Carbon Fiber Blue

Carbon Fiber Gray

Carbon Fiber Neon Green

Carbon Fiber OD Green

Carbon Fiber Orange

Carbon Fiber Purple

 Carbon Fiber Red

  Carbon Fiber Tan

Coyote Brown


Multicam Black Print

Multicam Original Print

Neon Green

Neon Pink

Neon Yellow

OG Green




80s Bayside Print

Rhodesian Brushstroke Print

Tiffany Blue

Topographic Print

Relv Moab Camo Print


Jade Blue


Gray 500D Cordura

Multicam Alpine 500D Cordura

Multicam Arid 500D Cordura

Multicam Black 500D Cordura

Multicam Original 500D Cordura

Multicam Tropic 500D Cordura

Ranger Green 500D Cordura

Wolf Grey 500D Cordura

Aloha White Cotton

Kimono Red Cotton

Tiger Stripe Cotton

Tiger Stripe Ombre Cotton
Boujee LV Rainbow Leather Blend
Boujee LV Black Leather Blend
Boujee Checker Black Leather Blend
Boujee Black G Leather Blend
Predator Leather Blend
Woodland 500D Cordura

Desert Night Camo 600D Cordura

Aloha Black Cotton

Comic Book Cotton

Laser Beam Cotton

Censorship Cotton
Boujee LV Brown Leather Blend
Boujee LV Red Leather Blend
Boujee Brown G Leather Blend
Boujee 3D Leather Blend

80s Bayside 600D Cordura

“Las Elegantes” Cotton

Kimono Blue Cotton

Rhodesian Brushstroke Cotton

Sugar Skulls Cotton

Silver Dragon Kimono Cotton

Kimono Golden Dragon Cotton

Boujee Checker Brown Leather Blend

Boujee Gray G Leather Blend

Unicorn Vinyl

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