Mini “AIO” Mag Carrier (All-In-One)


Kydex Color (Primary Piece) * 

The Primary Kydex Piece is the front/main piece of the holster. If choosing a fabric overlay this piece will be covered so it is best to choose black in that case so that it doesn’t cost more.

Fabric Overlay * 

Belt Attachment Method * 

Hand Orientation * 

When selecting your hand orientation, you will want to select the option of the hand that you shoot with. For example, if you shoot with your right hand, you will draw your magazine with your left hand. In this case, you will want to select the “Right Handed Shooter” orientation. If you shoot with your left hand, you will draw your magazine with your right hand. So in this case, you will want to select the “Left Handed Shooter” orientation.

Terms & Conditions / Lead Time * 

Please do not order a holster from us if you cannot wait the agreed lead time. The current lead time is 8-12 weeks for custom orders and 3-5 business days for in stock Quick Ship items. By checking this box you also agree that you have read and understand the terms/conditions listed at the bottom of the website. Changes to orders are not permitted. If you need to change your order you’ll have to cancel your order via e-mail and place a new one with a new lead time.

Fabric Disclosure * 

If selecting a fabric overlay, I have read the fabric disclosure which I understand and agree to.

We knew that after making the first AIO Mag Carrier we had to make one for the sub-compact platforms and single stack platforms.  So now we also have the Mini "AIO" Mag Carrier.  This has all the features of the standard "AIO" Mag Carrier but is designed to work with a variety of sub-compact platforms to include Sig P365, Springfield Armory Hellcat, Smith & Wesson Shield, 1911 9mm and 45ACP Magazines and Glock 43/43X Mags.

Our Mini "AIO" Mag Carrier allows you to utilize any sub-compact or single-stack magazine by way of the Magazine Retention Device or MRD.  With the use of the included 1/8" Allen key you can tighten or loosen the MRD to your liking which will put tension against the magazine allowing you to create the perfect amount of retention you would like on your magazine.  Each AIO Mag Carrier will come with your choice of a MOLLE-LOK, a Tek-Lok Style belt attachment for your favorite battle belt or an IWB Thin Clip that allows for the magazine to be carried concealed along your waistline.

With multiple attachment points the belt clip can be canted to your liking in order to give you a more natural and intuitive draw on your magazine.  The slanted design and finger recess also allows you to get a more positive purchase on your magazine.


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