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Glock “Universal” IWB Holster


The QVO “Universal” Holster is our new modular holster for a variety of carry methods.

Kydex Color (Primary Piece) * 

The Primary Kydex Piece is the front/main piece of the holster. If choosing a fabric overlay this piece will be covered so it is best to choose black in that case so that it doesn’t cost more.

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I agree to the current lead time which is 8-12 weeks for custom orders and 3-5 business days for in stock Quick Ship items. I have also read and understand the terms/conditions listed at the bottom of the website. Changes to orders are not permitted. If you need to change your order you’ll have to cancel your order via e-mail and place a new one with a new lead time.

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If selecting a fabric overlay, I have read the fabric disclosure which I understand and agree to.


The QVO “Universal” Holster is our new modular holster for a variety of carry methods. This holster comes packaged with all additional clips and hardware to fine tune how you like to carry. The holster can be attached via single clip, two clip, tuckable clips, fold over clip or via belt loops for OWB carry.

The QVO “Universal” utilizes an aluminum 1/8″ thick metal wing to push the grip of the gun in towards the body providing additional concealment. The holster also provides multiple points of adjustable retention allowing the user to fine tune the holster to the retention of their choosing.

This holster is also a first of its kind when it comes to the modularity. The QVO “Universal” comes with all attachments to run this holster in over 10 different configurations. It is fully ambidextrous, can be carried either IWB or OWB and allows for canting of the holster or adjusting the ride height.

You can also purchase the “Universal” Mag Carrier and Hinge attachment separately to turn it into the “Wingman 2.0”!

  • Made from .08″ Kydex
  • Can be used for all compact and full size Glocks chambered in .9mm/.40S&W/.357S&W (G19/17/22/23)
  • Open end design which accommodates threaded barrels and compensators
  • Made to accommodate firearms equipped with or without RMR/Red Dot & Suppressor Height Sights
  • Completely modular and universal allowing the user to carry in over 10 different configurations
  • Fully ambidextrous simply by changing out the included hardware


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Weight 1.0 lbs


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